Little things - Big deal

There are ideas that form who we are
and make all we do exceptional.
If you share these values you’re ready to…

100% or nothing. Do it right or dont do it at all.
You are not interested in half measures? We believe that it's worth to create only the perfect things.
Have an impact. Be a co-creator, co-author
Everyone in our team is important, has an autonomous status and can influence projects that creates.
Do what you love. It's all about passion.

Simply derive joy from what you're doing. We love our work and we don't come there for punishment ... even on Mondays :)
Join the couch. Like a boss.

Join the couch

Be open minded

Find inspiration in everything that surrounds you and create important and cool stuff.

Deny everything

Deny and question every little thing. Refine the reality with us.

Be responsible

Don’t lose your child curiosity, but your decisions should be trustworthy.