Service Design

We face business challenges
by delivering excellent services


Service Design is the process that innovates and improves
customer experiences bringing real and measurable value
for the business.


Our proven Service Design process.


Service design process starts from the inspiration. It is the moment when organisation reveals that it’s ready to change and focus on what’s important. It is a holistic approach that can transform brands from the inside-out and make the service innovative and user-friendly.

Build business perspective

Before we get involved in developing solutions, we make a pause and consider the business environment. We watch the current trends, gather all market data, talk to experts and customers to build design assumptions and identify the business vision.

Build customer perspective

Based on gathered information we review our hypothesis by trying to understand the perspective of key stakeholders. After the analysis of in-depth interviews we create personas and subsequently develop the actual customer profile.

Define the problem

This is the moment when business vision of the customers journey collides with the reality. The organisation changes the way it thinks and reacts to business challanges. We choose main challanges to be tackled in the design process.


We start to generate ideas for solutions. We use an array of methods that enable generation and development of new ideas. Generated ideas undergo prioritization that determines their impact on the quality of designed services and required implementation involvement.


Before implementation, together with the business we build low-level service models. Prototypes allow early verification of service design assumptions. Afterwards more advanced prototypes are created, their objective is to refine the service concept and to give greater value to the customer.

Test a solution

This is the moment we decide about the shape of our service. Is the service functional, usable and well designed? Does the service achieve the business goals? Those questions are answered by testing a product or service in real life.

Service implementation

We develop action plans and schedules to monitor work progress at particular stages. Implementation progress is being supervised to show the stages we have covered so far and the remaining steps to be taken.

Service future development

We provide support in service maintenance future development. We focus on collecting resources, determining budgets and schedules. We create a development roadmap of what the service could be in the future.


The business effect we provide is a change, a great transformation
in the quality of existing service or developing it from the scratch.

Multichannel approach
Reducing risk
Deep holistic
Delivering new ideas
Boosting customer satisfaction
What we do.

What we do?

We are strategists, researchers and designers helping
our Partners transform their brands. At the centre of our design
process are the people we design for, their problems and needs.
Our purpose is to design service that is user-friendly,
competitive and placed in appropriate context.

It is not the end...

We not only design but implement and measure provided solutions.